1.4 brings several new features including being able to configure console log length, background and text colour and also being able to save the console contents to a PDF. A couple of other small issues were also fixed, the changelog is in the source package. I see people have been using this to hack iSync and stuff to make it work with their phones, cool!


BT-AT is a free application for manually interacting with the serial port service on Sony Ericsson mobile phones (although it probably works on others too) over bluetooth on OS X giving you a terminal interface to your serial port. I am using this to help build a Cocoa rewrite of UltraSMS and it is proving a very useful utility. I hope someone else finds a use for it!

Tim Ellis


BT-AT Version 1.4 (Universal Binary)

BT-AT Version 1.4 Source Code (Requires XCode)

If you find BT-AT useful please consider making a donation via paypal, no matter how small!