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Cocoa UltraSMS is a free utility for extracting SMS messages from a mobile phone into a MySQL database for use within your own applications and websites. Please read the help included with Cocoa UltraSMS for information on usage.

Cocoa UltraSMS includes the SMS Framework, a Cocoa MySQL Framework and Growl support bundled within the application. If you create something cool with UltraSMS like a plugin for a CMS/blog/whatever contact me and I'll plug it here.

Tim Ellis


UltraSMS is known to support Sony Ericsson handsets with bluetooth, although many other handsets also work. If you have another phone that doesn't work perfectly with UltraSMS then you should consider it to be not supported. If you do have a problem please send me an email with information about your issue.


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If you find Cocoa UltraSMS useful please consider making a donation via paypal, no matter how small!