Dec 22nd 2006 - Today I am releasing DD-SMS-Lib under a dual license. This is a alpha API for decoding (and soon encoding) SMS messages and hence is subject to change. This software is open source free to use within other open source software however a license must be purchased for commercial usage. Please contact me for more information.

Initially this is available with an XCode project for OS X. Very shortly it will have a Visual Studio project for Windows and Linux build support, although it will be trivial for you to do this yourself if you can not wait! I will be maintaining this library and using it to author some new SMS software in the near future, and also rewrite UltraSMS to fix its various issues!


DD-SMS-Lib is a cross platform C++ Library for encoding and decoding SMS messages to and from the PDU format.

Tim Ellis


DD-SMS-Lib Version 0.1 Source Code (Requires XCode)

If you find DD-SMS-Lib useful please consider making a donation via paypal, no matter how small!